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Job exchange

The "Interpreting the Future" conference brings translators and interpreters together with clients and employers. Businesses, authorities and institutions are all on board together, maximising the benefit for both sides.

Experienced freelance translators and interpreters, or new members of the profession on the search for a job – everyone can make contact with customers and employers here. Representatives of national and European businesses and institutions will be in attendance. They will provide information in presentations and one-on-one meetings on opportunities and career prospects within their organisations.

The Job Exchange will take place in parallel with the conference, predominantly in the tent in the open space behind the Henry Ford Building. Representatives of the businesses and institutions taking part will be available to all conference participants at their information booths on the conference days.

The businesses and institutions taking part will also have the opportunity to introduce their organisations to a larger group of potential applicants and interested freelancers and provide information on the professional opportunities available there at 30 minute presentations in a lecture hall on each of Saturday and Sunday. This can be the starting point for more detailed discussions with individuals or groups of applicants.

Some of the businesses and institutions will request applications to be submitted direct to them by a certain date in advance of the conference, so that they can compile a shortlist. They will then make appointments with the applicants for the meetings during the conference.

We will publish information on the businesses and institutions taking part in the Job Exchange and their job profiles in the course of the coming weeks as we receive that information. To date, the following institutions and businesses have agreed to take part in the Job Exchange:

Directory of businesses, institutions and authorities taking part in the Job Exchange to date

Logo DG INTE - Stellenbörse

Directorate-General for Interpretation and Conferences of the European Parliament (DG INTE)

Friday 28.09. - Sunday 30.09.2012, Tent 

The European Parliament will present the work of its interpreters and translators in this year's job fair. Colleagues from the different services will give information about career opportunities, pre-requisites for success in competitions and tests, language combinations etc.

At the conference, they will give a deeper insight into multilingualism at the European Parliament in their contribution to the section on "Interpreting in Politics".

Logo EU-Kommission - DGT - für Stellenbörse


European Commission: Translating and Interpreting

Friday 28.09. - Sunday 30.09.2012, Tent

On all three days, the interpreters and translators of the European Commission will present their work at the Job Fair. You can get information about job prospects and the conditions for sitting tests and open competitions at the Commission's stand. On Saturday and Sunday, the Commission's interpreters and translators will give a joint presentation about their different fields of work. On Friday afternoon, you'll have the opportunity to take part in a workshop on language industry recognition. Afterwards, you can listen to a presentation on terminology. On Saturday morning, Rytis Martikonis, Director-General of DG Translation, will start the day with a keynote speech. Later the same day another colleague will provide some insight into machine translation. 

 Logo Bundessprachenamt - für Stellenbörse


'Friday 28.09. - Sunday 30.09.2012, Tent 

TheFederal Office of Languages – an attractive employer for translators, interpreters and language teachers

As a professional service provider, the Federal Office of Languages has for more than 40 years catered to the foreign language needs of the Bundeswehr. It also provides language training for other federal and state ministries. Every year around 200,000 pages are translated into and from more than 20 languages and over 30,000 hours of interpreting are logged. Every day up to 4,100 course participants receive foreign language training. Based in Hürth, near Cologne, the Federal Office of Languages has staff at more than 70 locations throughout Germany.

 Logo textandform

text &form is a high-integrity language services provider that was founded in 1996. With offices in Berlin and Toronto, we have built our reputation on high
quality localization and translation services for clients in a wide range of industries.

Long-standing relationships with our employees and freelance partners throughout the world enable us to ensure the highest quality. Visit us in September at BDÜ
conference and find out if we speak the same language. (Friyday, 28.09.2012, Tent) 


Alpha Translation Service

Saturday, 29.09.2012, Tent

ALPHA TRANSLATION SERVICE® was founded in 1991 by Mr. Ingolf Hunger, a sworn interpreter for the Russian language. Initially originating as a one-man business
in Cottbus, the company quickly developed into a complex institution with 450 contributing native speakers worldwide. Further branches were established in Frankfurt (Oder), Berlin, and Moscow in order to competently and punctually offer a large network of primarily technological and specialist language services. Our clients include small engineering offices as well as corporations such as BASF and institutions like the European Union.  

In order to strengthen our team, we are always looking for interpreters and translators of all specialty areas and languages on a fee basis, and we continually offer internships for students., (Saturday, 29.09.2012, Tent)


traduco Fachübersetzungen GmbH - We would jump at the chance to introduce ourselves:Traduco is a technical translation service provider for the industry providing all EU- and many world languages… We work strictly to EU DIN standard 15031. This means native speaker and 4-eye-principle, proofreading, terminology building, checking and actualization… etc. We are always able to put forward a solid high-quality solution to our clients, no matter what their requirements may be. Why not come and work with us? We are looking for translators with excellent knowledge and professional experience in any language. You are a student in need of work experience? Why not meet and talk to us at the BDÜ conference ? You are cordially invited. (Saturday, 29.09.2012, Tent)


Logo Omnia

OMNIA has been helping companies successfully deploy their message in the global market place for twenty-five years. 
Intercultural Sales Consulting | Translation for Industrial and Automotive Clients  | Translation for Banking & Financial Services | Technical Documentation | Marketing Collateral Transcreation | Website & Software Localization | Further offices: Paris, Milton Keynes (UK), Torino (I), Sassuolo (I), Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Detroit), USA

OMNIA Deutschland  | Platz der Einheit 1 | 60327 | Frankfurt am Main | Germany | 

(Friyday, 28.09.2012, Tent)

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